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Dogs Up for Adoption at the Leverett Adoption Center

Lonely Hearts Club!

LHC designates a member of the "Lonely Hearts Club", designates a member of the "Lonely Hearts Club", pets who are in search of a very special home. Lonely Hearts Club members may be adopted for half our regular adoption fee.

Here you can view some of the dogs up for adoption this week at the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society.

This page was last changed on May 11, 2008. Although we update our website regularly, animals go home with new families every day - and new arrivals may arrive daily as well. For the most up-to-date information on which animals are available, call us at (413) 548-9898 or stop by anytime during our open hours.

Thinking of adopting? Please consult our Adoption Program FAQ.

All adoptions are now handled exclusively at our Leverett Adoption Center

A Word About Kids and Dogs

You may notice that many of the dogs listed below are not recommended to families with very young children. This is not because the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society doesn't ever place dogs with families with small children--we certainly do! Because we feel a great responsibility to place SAFE dogs into families with children, we evaluate each dog as an individual, review his background, and make recommendations for his compatibility with kids. Many of the dogs we serve do not meet the profile of a "great dog for little kids." We encourage all adopters--but particularly those with small children--to carefully consider an individual dog's history and personality (rather than a dog's breed or looks) before adopting. Please read more here about finding the best dog for your family.

Name: Emma Sex: Spayed Female
Breed: Cattle Dog Mix Color:
Age: 3 years

With children: I should be fine with children 12 years and older.

With other pets: I would feel most comfortable in my new home if I were your only pet

Comments: Iím an easy-going, independent dog who is looking forward to finally finding a home. Iím not too clingy. In fact, Iím perfectly happy doiní my own thing- But Iíll still love to cuddle up with you while youíre watchiní some T.V or reading a book. All I can say isÖ WellÖ If you feel like giviní me a lifetime of devotionÖ I second that emotion!


Name: Bandit Sex: Spayed Female
Breed: Puggle Color:
Age: 3 years

With children: I should be fine in a home with children 5 years and older.

With other pets: Iíll be fine to live with cats. I get along with dogs okay, but I probably shouldnít live with any.

Comments: If you are looking for an all-around happy, loveable and friendly dog, then I am your girl! I am a versatile girl that is equally happy cuddling on the couch, wandering about town on a walk, or running across a field chasing a ball. You can take me just about anywhere and know that we will have a good time. I just want to be your friend!


Dixie Dogs Available!
What's a Dixie Dog??

Name: Maggie Sex: Spayed Female
Breed: Lab Mix Color:
Age: 3 years

With children: I would do best in a home with children 10 years and older.

With other pets: I can live with dogs and confident cats after a proper introduction.

Housetraining: I'm up from the South and no one knows for sure about my housetraining. With patience and a consistent schedule I should be fine!

Exercise needs: Letís enjoy this nice weather and get walking outside! I would enjoy regular daily walks with an exercise buddy.

Obedience training: Training classes will help me bond to my new owner and will start our relationship off on the right foot. I am a smart girl and would like to learn some tricks.

Why Iím here: I'm a Dixie Dog!

Comments: I am a sweet and easy-going girl. I love getting outside, and I am looking forward to doing a bit of exercise this spring. I know I will make a loyal friend to a very lucky person, and I canít wait to start a whole new life with someone who will give me all the love I deserve.


Name: Nanook Sex: Neutered Male
Breed: Husky Mix Color:
Age: 7 years

children 8 years and older, dogs and confident cats

I am a sweet gentle dog that loves to play. My dream is to be adopted by a family that will really love me. I donít want to ask for too much, but if my new family gave me a toy and played with me and thought I was a cute and wonderful dog, I donít think I could ask for anything more.


Name: Bubba Sex: Male
Breed: Pointer Mix Color:
Age: 1 1/2 years

With children: I would be great with kids 10 and up.

With other pets: cats no, dogs, yes if playful

Comments: I am a playful boy looking for some fun people to take me home! Iíve been trying to perfect my pointing skills, but havenít gotten the hang of it yet. I hope when I find my family, theyíll notice me without my pointing at them first.


Dixie Dog FAQ

What are Dixie Dogs?
Dixie Dogs are dogs who are transported from overcrowded shelters in Southern states (such as Kentucky) so they can get a second chance at life - here in New England!

Why does your shelter have Dixie Dogs?
If you have been searching for a dog in New England shelters, you already know that there are very few family dogs in need of homes in our local area. New England is the home of animal welfare, and we've been working on spay/neuter longer than other areas of the country. We no longer have shelters in New England that are euthanizing dogs who are healthy and non-aggressive. The situation in the south and midwest is very different; there are many counties in these areas that take in thousands of dogs and puppies every year - dogs and pups who are healthy, friendly family pets - and euthanize nearly all of them. People in very poor areas of these states are not able to provide spay/neuter for their pets. Transporting these dogs and pups to shelters in New England is their only chance at life.

What about cats?
Sadly, the situation for cats and kittens remains grim in New England. New England still euthanizes huge numbers of healthy, friendly cats and kittens because there are just too many. There are not enough homes for all that are born. There are many reasons why the situation is different for cats and dogs; they include people's attitudes towards cats (often perceived as less valuable than dogs); the fact that stray cats are tolerated and fed - and have kittens - while stray dogs are picked up by Animal Control; and cats' super-efficient breeding! Cats are very, very good at making kittens. We have many different spay/neuter assistance programs available to help our local cats.

Why is there a $125 transport fee for Dixies?
All Dixies have a $125 transport fee added to our regular dog or puppy adoption fee. This fee helps cover some of the extra costs associated with Dixie Dogs. Transporting the dogs up to Massachusetts is expensive. We reimburse our Southern partner shelters for the vet bills for the dogs they send to us. Once the dogs arrive in Massachusetts, the state requires that they undergo a 48 hour quarantine. Then, they must be examined by a veterinarian and given a health certificate to ensure they are healthy. It costs a lot to give a needy Southern dog a chance at life!

What's cool about the Dixie program?

In Foster Care
The dogs below are not currently at DPVHS, see individual entry to find out more about each dog.

Questions about the animals or the shelter?
Please direct all inquiries to
or call (413) 548-9898

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